Luminós/C/ity.Ordinary Joy

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From the Pigozzi Contemporary African Art Collection


Luminós/C/ity.Ordinary Joy

Curators: David Adjaye and Mariane Ibrahim-Lenhardt

In Luminós/C/ity.Ordinary Joy, we explore a visual nexus of African urban subjectivities through an innovative consideration of the Jean Pigozzi Contemporary Art Collection (CAAC). We have gathered a stunning array of ninety-eight works from twenty-one African artists: photographs, models, sculptures, paintings, and videographies that express vital, contemplative, and imaginative visions of city life. The individual works chosen bycurators David Adjaye and Mariane Ibrahim-Lenhardt are each extraordinary and yet they resonate together as a melodic chorus on the city, offering nuanced close readings and vivid renditions of the ordinary and the mundane. We went to Geneva where the collection is housed to see how the art of the CAAC has been exhibited and how it may be considered now, in this time and in this new space. We offer you this reconsideration of the collection, and present this stunning new gallery space as a welcoming home for these African artistic transcriptions to dwell—just for a moment.

Please enjoy our imaginary cityscapes/themes as you as enter and explore our galleries.

-Vera Ingrid Grant, Director