Long Gallery

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Gallery Themes


Chroni/city: Planning a Future
Entry Gallery

Feli/city: Living in a Moment
Ramp Gallery

City/hall: Sin City
Tall Gallery

Trans/city: The Grand Passage
Low Gallery

Inter/city: Journey to the City
Transition Gallery

Media Room

Niche Gallery

Atro/city: Homage
Long Gallery


The Building of engines or artifacts to enter in the invisible world/dead is very common. Mansaray elaborates sophisticated engines equipped with the last technology. Mansaray through his drawing found a refuge, an escape to the atrocity that occurred in his home country, Sierra Leone. Mabota on the other hand creates a work using an ancestral technique consisting of free-metal design and excluding manufactured fixture. The bike is the most reliable means of transportation, not using gasoline or electricity. The method he uses is traditional and a homage to the savoir-faire from the rural world.

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