Low Gallery

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Gallery Themes


Chroni/city: Planning a Future
Entry Gallery

Feli/city: Living in a Moment
Ramp Gallery

City/hall: Sin City
Tall Gallery

Trans/city: The Grand Passage
Low Gallery

Inter/city: Journey to the City
Transition Gallery

Media Room

Niche Gallery

Atro/city: Homage
Long Gallery


The state of transit evokes waiting, uncertainty, and immobility. The transit becomes an ephemeral space in permanent stage. The transition may be a necessary change and an obligatory passage. The Apagya studio portrays materialistic desires where the subjects perform in order to fit the décor, creating an optical illusion, which make them feel part of it. These studio images become both point of departure and arrival – fulfilling desires and dreams. The image becomes a new home where subjects can re-organize their daily routine.

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